Nortel M3905 Call Centre Phone

Nortel M3905 Call Centre Phone

Manufacturer: Nortel

Category: M3900

Product Code: NTMN35

The Nortel M3905 Call Centre Phone (Product Code: NTMN35) is also known as the Meridian Option M3905 and the Nortel Meridian M3905. It is available in two color options: charcoal (NTMN35-70) and platinum (NTMN35-66).

The Nortel Meridian Option M3905 Call Center Phone is a multi-line digital phone for the Nortel Meridian M1 system and is compatible with the Meridian Option telephone system and ideal for office professionals or technical specialists.

The Nortel M3905 Call Centre Phone supports up to 7 lines and is specifically designed for busy call centres.

The M3905 phone includes six ACD fixed feature keys, programmable soft keys, and ‘call centre’ actions including Emergency, Make Busy, Not Ready, Supervisor and In-Calls. The M3905 is compatible with an Analogue Terminal Adapter and an External Alerter & Recording Interface.

The Nortel M3905 Call Centre Phone ( Product Code: NTMN35) is available from MF Communications in charcoal (NTMN35-70) and platinum (NTMN35-66). All business phones are fully tested, remanufactured, boxed like new and with a warranty.

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Product Description

Key Features

  • Multi-line digital phone supporting up to 7 lines with a 4 x 24 character display
  • Six fixed ACD feature keys with LED (headset, emergency, make busy, not ready, supervisor, in-calls)
  • Interactive soft keys for quick access to numerous features
  • Dual headset jacks and Supervisor Observe key (talk/listen or listen only)
  • Supports 2 snap-in cartridge accessories for analogue terminal adapter (ATA) and external alerter and recording interface
  • Handset Optional