Ericsson Dialog 4224 V2 Phone

Ericsson Dialog 4224 V2 Phone

Manufacturer: Ericsson

Category: DBC 4 Series Digital Phones – Ericsson

Product Code: DBC224 02/01021-E

The Ericsson Dialog 4224 V2 telephone is compatible with the MD110 systems and the BusinessPhone PBX’s. It supports all the advanced system functions that are required for operator configuration.

The Ericsson Dialog 4224 V2 Phone has an easy to use interface consisting of a large 5-line tiltable graphical display as well as 3 programmable soft keys and 4 large clear and speech keys with LED.

In addition, up to 4 BLF panels can be added, each providing a further 17 feature keys.

The Ericsson Dialog 4224 V2 Phone, comes in two colours; Light Grey (part number DBC224 02/01021-E) or Dark Grey (DBC224 02/02021-E) and is available from Unison fully tested  and with a warranty.

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Product Description

Key Features

  • 12 function keys
  • 4 large speech & clear keys
  • 5-line tiltable display screen
  • 3 programmable soft keys
  • Headset port
  • Hearing impairment support