Aastra BP50 Basic inc MFU-VM with Flash & CPU-D5 & PSU

Aastra BP50 Basic inc MFU-VM with Flash & CPU-D5 & PSU

Manufacturer: Aastra
Category: BP50-BP128i-BP250 Parts
Product Code: BDVBS10105-R2A-A

The Aastra BP50 Basic package, inc. MFU-VM with Flash & CPU-D5 & PSU (part number BDVBS10105-R2A-A), is in stock and available from Unison.

The Aastra BP50 Basic includes MFU-VM with flash and CPU-D5 and PSU. This package also includes:

  • Battery charger unit BMLBS 101 01 / n
  • License Agreement EN / LZTBS 170101
  • BMS CD-ROM FASBS 102213 / CD
  • Enterprise Application Suite FASBS 102220 / CD
  • SW R16 Std LZY 203 2236/1
  • Prom-set for CPU-D5 LZYBS 203 5124/2
  • Power supply cord RPM 945 n
  • Quick reference guides Dialog 4220/4222 LZTBS 180320
  • QRG Dialog 4223/3213 LZTBS 170322
  • Designation Card Set – Dialog 4000 LZTBS 021/11 160, 12, 13, 14

The Aastra BusinessPhone 50 system is a cost-effective single, compact wall cabinet with five board slots, that can cater to between eight and 64 extensions. It is particularly suitable for small organisations. The cabinet has a built-in switched-mode power supply, with the option of an external battery back-up unit or alternative DC power supply.

All office phone systems and office phones supplied by Unison come fully tested and with a full warranty.
Unison stock a wide range of new, remanufactured and refurbished office phone system spares and parts. Please quote Aastra BP50 Basic inc MFU-VM with Flash & CPU-D5 & PSU, or part number BDVBS10105-R2A-A, when ordering.